What is the purpose of Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge (NToK)?
The purpose of NToK is to provide users of NotJustBrowsing® to share their wealth of knowledge saved on their computers in the form of collection of links or books of links. This web application provide a common place to share each other's knowledge in the form of composition of documents.
What is composition of  documents?
A composition of documents is a collection of links to documents present on world wide web. Ordinarily users of world wide web share links to documents (.html) but not a whole collection of links. NTok made it possible for the users of NotJustBrowsing® to share their collection of links with each other.
What is NJB?
NJB stands for NotJustBrowsing®. This is a web browser released in 2005 by Abdul Karim which deals with composition of documents in a structured way.
What is the difference between NotJustBrowsing® and other web browsers?
In normal browsers you save links to web pages as bookmarks, you place collection of links in folders (composition of links) and you can share folder by sending it in e-mail (one way of sharing a composite document). This way of sharing is sharing of collection of links in an unstructured way where as NotJustBrowsing provide a well defined close to real life structure for formation of composition of links.
How can I view the file I download frm this website?
Download the required collection (a .ks file) and open this file in NotJustBrowsing®. The downloaded document will be with .ks extention, import this .ks file in NJB and open to view its contents (collection of links).
How can I use NJB to form a document?
Please visit NotJustBrowsing® and have a look at User Guide.
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