The basic unit of access and view on world wide web platform is a single link or reference to a single document of one type or another. There was no way for users of the world wide web to be able to combine this basic unit of access. In other words, a user was unable to compose compound objects from the basic document object.

This situation was changed after the arrival of NotJustBrowsing in early 2005. NotJustBrowsing (a web browser) introduced radical feature of composition of documents and composite viewing of multiple documents.

Once the document as a composition of documents is achieved in NotJustBrowsing, the logical next stage was to be able to share these compositions with other users the way the basic unit (documents) is shared now.

Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge is made to achieve the sharing of compositions of documents possible. This is unique way to fulfill an important need of users. Almost all functionality is available on a single page, user have no need to navigate from one page to other. If users want to view this collection they have to click on the category and select the required collection, the collection will be visible on the same page. They can share their collections here for this purpose they must be registered users. They can share all type of collection e.g. html, pdf file, videos and so on, in a structured way.

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NToK have a wide range of composite documents you can download it for your use.Or if you want to share your composite documents with world wide web users sign up and avail this oppertunity and be a part of NToK.

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